Rachel Sterken

Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong

About Me

I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong. I am also currently Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy, and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts (see here for more information). I am Principal Investigator of the project Meaning and Communication in the Information Age which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council (2020-2025). My collaborators on the project are Jessica Pepp (Uppsala), Eliot Michaelson (KCL) and Fintan Mallory (Oslo). The project looks at how the nature of linguistic meaning and communication have changed as a result of advances in information technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

I am co-organiser of Concept Lab Hong Kong and research affiliate at AI & Humanity Lab. Previously, I was co-director of the Norwegian Research Council funded research centre ConceptLab at the University of Oslo (with Herman CappelenOystein Linnebo and Camilla Serck-Hansson).

For more information about my teaching, research talks (including upcoming talks), workshops (past and upcoming), etc, please see my CV here. My Google Scholar page is here.