Research Groups

AI & Humanity Lab at Hong Kong University conducts research on the ways in which AI interacts with and transforms humanity. Its projects are interdisciplinary with a basis in philosophy.

ConceptLab HongKong is a center based at the University of Hong Kong’s philosophy department, the purpose of which is to foster collaborative research in and on: 

  • Conceptual engineering and its metaphilosophy  
  • Xphi and the ‘method of cases’
  • Social and political philosophy of language
  • Conceptual amelioration in moral and political philosophy 
  • The role of conceptual engineering and conceptual construction in translating between different philosophical traditions (e.g., between ‘Western’ and ’non-Western’ philosophy) 

Meaning and Communication in the Information Age

This project looks at how linguistic meaning and communication have changed in response to advances in information technology.

New Frontiers of Speech

The aim of this three-year project is to revisit fundamental assumptions philosophers and linguists have made in trying to understand meaning and communication, in the light of the recent and widespread uptake of online and digital information and communication technology (ICT). The motivating hypothesis is that attention to ICT media reveals that central theoretical notions (e.g. communicative intentions, contexts of use and mutual knowledge) may need to be significantly reconceived or replaced.